About Us

Hands-on experience with the teachers


It is the philosophy of Healthcare Connection, LLC to establish and maintain standards that will foster the training, advancement, welfare for each student. Healthcare Connection, LLC  provides educational instruction using real-world techniques which helps to prepare students for future employment in healthcare. We strive to develop student attitudes and habits that can help lead to promotion and success in their careers. Healthcare Connection, LLC teaches students to meet and adjust to the ever-changing conditions of the healthcare industry.


  • Alabama Post Secondary Department of Education
  • Private School Licensure
  • American Certification Agency

  • Alabama Department of Public Health-CNA training
  • Approved CNA state board testing on-site
  • Approved Phlebotomy and EKG certification testing on-site

Historical Statement

Healthcare Connection, LLC was established in the spring of 2010. The Senior Management team of Healthcare Connection, LLC with their 50 plus years experience in healthcare identified the need for additional, compassionate and qualified caregivers.

Healthcare Connection, LLC is a post-secondary school that focuses on specific training programs which gives the student the skills & ability to quickly enter today's workforce.

Mission Statement

Each student is a unique individual; each student has the right to expect safe, thorough, holistic and a culturally sensitive training experience.

Healthcare Connection, LLC is committed to the education and personal enrichment of their students.

Each program is designed to help qualify the student for entry-level requirements of the healthcare industry with promotable competencies.