Certified Nursing Assistant Program

EKG Technician 

Pharmarcy Technician


We offer the CPR/BCLS training program

Academic Regulation/Mode of Operation

Students are expected to know policies and regulations that are verbally explained to them during registration and during the training sessions.

Keeping abreast of school calendars, critical deadlines, and clinical training dates is important to your success as a student.

Certification from Healthcare Connection, LLC is evidence of achievement in scholarship and citizenship.

Activities and attitudes should be consistent with high academic standards and commitment and should be in keep in with the philosophy of the school.

Our  primary classroom is  designed to accommodate 16 students and the secondary classroom can accommodate 10 students with a 2000 square foot training center.

The clinical Lab is fully furnished with hospital bed, CPR Manikins and medical equipment necessary to perform the skills of the program being completed by the student.

The lecture classroom is equipped with computer, printer, TV, DVD player, VHS player and educational DVD’s and VHS to provide instructional support to each student.

Each textbook provides an educational CD-ROM to assist with lesson plans and additional learning tools.

In order to receive clock hours, students must successfully complete and pass clinical skills check off with a score of no less than 100% on knowledge of skills learned and on knowledge of medical terms. The students must also complete and successfully pass the written exam with a score of 80% or higher.

Admission Requirements/Procedure

Students be of 18 years of age and provide proof of graduation with a high school diploma or GED. Each student must be able to read and write English proficiently. Each student must provide proof of completing a Two Step TB Skin Test, Rubella, Hepatitis, Flu vaccine prior to attending clinical Rotations.

Registration is by appointment. Seating for each program is on a first come first serve basis. At the time of registration the student will complete an application for admission, sign the financial agreement, HIPAA Statement, and a Lift Free Facility Form.

Credentials Awarded upon Graduation

A certificate is awarded after successful completion of the program. The student is awarded certificate with a final exam score of 70% or higher and 100% on clinical skills check off. Healthcare Connection, LLC provides the student with the certificate, letter of recommendation and BCLS/CPR card.


Job Search Service

Healthcare Connection, LLC offers ongoing placement services for its graduates, though Healthcare Connection, LLC cannot guarantee placement, Placement Directors work with students before and after graduation to aid them in their preparations for entering the medical world. Graduating students are offered to enroll in a Job Search Seminar where they receive instructions on resume preparation and job search interview techniques.


The cost for the Certified Nursing Assistant Program is $1050.00. This includes your State Board certification  which is offered on-site. Students have 72 hours to cancel and obtain a refund, after 72 hours no refunds will be allocated; students will be required to return Healthcare Connection, LLC supplies. Student may purchase necessary supplies from the school or other vendors. Supplies include: stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, Navy Blue scrubs, and textbooks. The cost of the EKG Tech 50 hour program is $990.00 and Pharmacy Tech is $790.00 for the 72 hour program.  Information for National certification for pharmacy tech will be provided at completion of course. Phlebotomy program is $990.00. NHA Phlebotomy and EKG Certification is provided on site. Payment plans are available.  Students' tutition must be paid in full before a student can take final exams. 

Student Disciplinary Policy

The student agrees to Healthcare Connection, LLC policies and procedures upon registration. If the student does not follow guidelines or the instructors direction during classroom or clinical rotations, demonstrates unsafe patient care, excessive absenteeism, and not dressed appropriately the student will be withdrawn from the program.

Housing Policy

Healthcare Connection, LLC does not provide housing or transportation for the students.

Attendance Policy

 Each program requires attendance to all classes. No absences are allowed, however we recognize that emergencies do happen. The student will be able to attend the next scheduled program.

Financial Aid

We accept WIA and Voc Rehab.

Grievance Policy

Healthcare Connection, LLC has an open communication with our students. Freedom to talk openly with your instructor is essential to a productive learning experience and to your satisfaction as a student. Although most misunderstandings can be resolved on an informal basis with your instructor, more formal provisions have been made to resolve difficult problems. A student that had a complaint concerning his or her learning experience should utilize the following procedure:
  1. Give notice of the complaint in writing to your instructor within 72 hours of the incident. Your instructor will discuss the problem with the student in a private interview. The instructor shall take whatever action is deemed reasonable to settle the complaint.
  2. If you do not agree with your instructor’s response, you may discuss the issue with the Chief Administrator. The decision rendered at this level will be binding.






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