Who would need to sign up for our services?
A: Pre-nursing students and others who are interested in furthering their education in the healthcare profession.

What Programs are offered?

Certified Nursing Assistant

EKG Technician

Pharmacy Technician


Where are you located?
A:  Our main campus is located in McCalla, Alabama.

Is this course approved by local Healthcare facilities?
A: The cousre is approved by Alabama post-secondary education and the Department of Public Health-Nursing aide training program.

What will I be certified as or what title will I have when I complete your course?
A:Upon completion of the class, you will be eligible to take the Alabama State certification test. Your title will be; Certified Nursing Assistant. You may be called a PCA (Patient Care Assistant) or PCT (Patient Care Tech), if you work in a hospital setting.  Pharmacy Tech students will take a national certification test at a central location. Phlebotomy students must meet the NHA quidelines for certification. 


Do I have to provide a copy of my transcripts?
A: Yes! You have to provide a copy of your most recent transcripts, high school diploma or G.E.D. in order to register for a class.

How do I reserve a seat for the program?
A:  To reserve your seat in the next a $300.00 deposit is required.

What form of payment do you accept?
A: Cashier check, money order, or US currency, VISA and MASTERCARD.

When are the course fees due?
A: Upon registration.

Do I need to bring identification with me to register?
A: Yes! You will need to bring a valid driver's license or current U.S. Passport and your Social Security Card.

Are there any additional requirements?
A: Yes! Prior to attending clinical rotations you will need proof of a negative 2 step TB skin test, rubella, Hepatitis and flu vaccine

When are your classes held?
A: Classes are held monthly. Day and night classes are available.  Class days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week for CNA.  Phlebotomy and Pharmacy Tech meet on Monday and Friday of each week.

How soon should I register?
A: As soon as possible. First come first serve basis.